From founders to founders

While building our own hardware startup we quickly understood that the whole distribution industry isn't built for innovative hardware products. So we've decided to change that.


Our Vision


As a startup, you don't want to pay your distributor or sales rep setup fees, retainers, etc. Startups don't have much resources and time to tell distributors how to promote the product in various channels. You don't want to wait months until the update your listings with the new content.


You want a team that understands your product. A team that will not only place your product on the shelf or online but will drive sales for you. A team that acts fast.


Here is where we come into play.

We have direct contracts with all major retailers in the US and Canada. This allows us to create listings and apply new products fast. 

Our team will monitor customer feedback and content on all listings 24/7 so that you can focus on what you do best - creating amazing products.

Our Services


Put your product on the shelf of all major retailers in the US and Canada

Together with you we create retail launch strategy and list your products on all major e-commerce platforms. But our work doesn't end there. We work closely with the buyers to promote your product and make it visible on the platform. 

Reviews, reviews, reviews. We use our experience and strategies to help you build a strong listing page with legit reviews and quality content. Each platform has it's own SEO tricks and requirements to bring your product on top of the search list.


Make your listing visible and get it the top search ranking


Store your product, fulfill orders and manage returns

As part of our services, we can store your products in our warehouse in California. We will fulfill all orders that come through our channels, manage the returns and help you build strong vendor rating.  

From viral launches to crowdfunding - we know how to make startup visible. Our network of photographers, video studios, motion designers, PR agencies and growth hackers, is at your service. 


Crowdfunding and marketing campaigns

"CWO helped us to increase annual sales by 46% and we continue growing"

Eugene Dubovoy, founder & CEO at Evapolar

Jumpstart your sales in less then two months. Apply to our Growth Program.

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